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Lethal Weapons

Lets discuss in more detail some of the lethal self defense weapons available! The most common lethal weapons for self defense are handguns, shotguns and to a lesser extent clubs and knives. There are also weapons that could be lethal if used with enough force such as nunchakus and items like brass knuckles, but these are less likely to be used as "self defense" weapons. Especially with items like brass knuckles which are illegal in most areas. Read more about these self defense weapons below...

Probably the most well known and widely used self defense weapon in the us is the handgun. Handguns can be used for both home protection and/or concealed or open carry in all 50 states and the majority of the US with a few exceptions in certain metropolitan areas and "gun free zones" which we have all been hearing so much about lately. Most states require some sort of permit to purchase or license to carry the weapon concealed. Handguns do require some training and practice to be used safely and effectively against a potential threat. Read more about handguns here.

There may not be a more effective home protection weapon available than a shotgun. They do not require you to have much training to be able to use them effectively against an intruder. Most states do not require any kind of permit or license to own them and you do not have to have great aim or be a great shot to hit your home invader. As long as you are pointing that barrel at them, they are going to catch some shot when you pull that trigger. Unlike a handgun or rifle, it is less likely that a stray shot will go through a wall, and possibly hit someone outside of your residence. Something to consider before pulling a trigger of a gun or rifle from inside your home. Read more about shotguns here.


 Billy Clubs, Night Sticks, Bats, Tonfas & Nunchakus

For someone who does not have a lot of money, their entire home security system could consist of nothing more than a baseball bat. Always remember that it is always better to have something available that could help you to fend off an attack, than it is to have nothing. If you fall into this category, a baseball bat is readily available at most department stores at a relatively cheap price. A baseball bat is a great weapon to keep in your car as well because it's intended use is not for a weapon and in most cases you can't be charged by the police if you are pulled over and there is a baseball bat in the back seat. If they ask what it is for you tell them you were hitting some balls in the park the other day and you just left it there. : ) Read more about bats and clubs here.

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