There are all types of self defense weapons available. Wether you are looking for Information On Lethal Or Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons, you came to the right place. Get information on self defense training, stun guns, pepper spray, firearms, firearms training and more.... All on one site!
There are basically three different ways that someone can defend oneself! you can choose to defend yourself with or without a self defense weapon. If you choose to learn how to defend yourself without the use of a weapon, this method can take a considerable amount of time and money to get the training and master the self defense skills necessary to defend yourself in a life threatening situation. especially if you are forced to defend yourself against someone that plans to use some type of weapon against you. Read more about these three basic methods below.

Martial Arts Training
Karate, kung fu and judo are all types of martial arts training that you can get to learn how to defend yourself. There are many advantages to receiving martial arts training, but there are also many disadvantages. Once you learn and master martial arts skills, you do not have to carry any kind of weapon to defend yourself. You can also be certain that intense martial arts training will get you into great physical shape. These are two great benefits to getting the training and mastering the skills. The drawback is that you may have to invest a considerable amount of time and money to get the training that you need to be able to defend yourself. Read more about martial arts and martial arts training!

Non Lethal Weapons
Non-lethal weapons are weapons that are meant to protect you by incapacitating an attacker without causing your attacker any permanent damage. Common nonlethal self defense weapons include pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, self defense keychains, personal alarms & More... Read more about non-lethal self defense weapons!
Lethal Weapons

Lethal weapons are weapons that are meant to protect you by immobilizing an attacker, but may cause your attacker much more serious permanent injuries or even death. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, clubs and brass knuckles are good examples of deadly weapons. Obviously, lethal weapons should only be used as a last resort in a life threatening situation where your chances of survival would be seriously diminished without your use of such a weapon. Read more about lethal weapons for self defense!